What is the #AGCommunity?

We pride ourselves on being far more than a gymwear brand, Air Gymwear is a gateway to transforming your fitness journey completely. We saw how top athletes were being endorsed by brands to become ambassadors accessing personal promotion and opportunity, we want that for everyone. Why leave it simply for the celebrity athletes when we can offer the same to you at no extra cost.
We offer professional services to all of ou members ranging from; Personalised work-out/meal plans from trained and qualified trainers, photoshoots/video-shoots with our trained photographers, shoutouts and support from Air Gymwear both personally and on all social platforms as well as invitations to Air Gymwear events.
Our community is constantly growing and each member adds that new dimension to the brand, changing it in their own way with their own fitness lifestyle, forming friendships and partnerships with like minded fitness enthusiasts. Whether you exercise lightly once a week or carry out intense daily training, we want you all.
If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then send us a DM or email us at : contact@airgymwear.com