Monsieur - Air Gymwear



Monsieur was created in 2013 by Franklin with the vision of creating a community around the weightlifting/bodybuilding community and after many successful years of business, even taking it the BodyPower Expo in 2015 he believed it was time for a change.

This is where Air Gymwear came from. Franklin partnered up with his friend Adam and together have rebranded Monsieur as Air Gymwear. After learning from the process of Monsieur we believe that Air Gymwear will unite the gym community.

As of 2018 we are now a limited company and launched in August 2018 and have plans to expand our range greatly whilst keeping the core beliefs that started with Monsieur at the heart of Air Gymwear.

We hope you come along for the journey and see the evolution from Monsieur to Air Gymwear.


Thanks, Franklin