The Pump - D$wiss Guest Playlist

We've got our first guest playlist for 'The Pump', D$wiss from Manchester. Read a bit about him and make sure to add the playlist below! D$wiss's playlist will be available until the 28th September!

D$wiss : "My name is Darcio A.K.A D$wiss I’m 25 years young and from Manchester 🤙🏾 I make music in my spare time and have been compared to a lot of artist in the past but I always like to think of myself in my own lane and that I have my own unique sound that when you hear you know without a doubt that’s D$wiss. 

For me a lot of the music I’m listening at the time inspires a lot of my next body of work and at the moment I’m into a lot of the slower weeknd records off he’s latest album that 80’s retro wave be hitting different so that’s what I’m religiously listening to and really studying the genre itself. 

My new album 7 Days Of Summer is obviously a sequel to my previous project 6 Days Of Summer which did well with big tunes like “My Ting” and “No Games” being fan favourites so I had to go all out on the sequel and give every song a summer feel. Whilst deciding what songs we were going to release we literally sat there and tried to picture listening to each song on a hot summers day if we couldn’t then the song didn’t make the cut, Obviously they’re on my playlist because if you’re not your own number one fan then no one will be! 💯"



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