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Unsurprisingly it’s back, Groundhog Day has returned. This time it is expected to last at least 4-weeks and that the very minimum. We’ve done it before and for longer, albeit during a more pleasant time of the year. 

The first time, we all proved to ourselves how strong, resilient and enduring we are. It wasn’t easy but we soldiered on. Now, we must do the same again. 

How do we do that? By looking forward and not backward. Positive self-talk makes a world of difference. 

Stop with the “I wish we still had the gyms,” and start with the “what new challenges can try? How can I utilise this opportunity?” 

The gyms are gone. Let’s focus on what we still have. Glorious British weather… well not quite, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get outside and enjoy fresh air. Wrap up warm, put your waterproof on, slip your feet into some boots and stretch those legs. 

The worst that can happen is you’ll be cold and wet, but there’s always a silver-lining. Finishing your walk being cold and wet, then stripping off the damp clothes, drying off, getting warm and settling down is extremely satisfying. Much more satisfying than if you’ve just moved from your desk or off the floor (depending on where you’ve slumped yourself for the day). 

Adaptability is another key quality we’re great at. Many of the performance goals or physique goals will have required access to a sports facility of some kind. Those goals will be shelved, put on ice, suspended – whatever you want to call it – they don’t have to be dropped into the abyss and forgotten. 

When normality once again resumes, they can be taken off the shelf, defrosted and reanimated… you choose if you want to breathe life back into these goals. Yes, naturally, progress will have regressed – but if you’ve done it once, you can do it again. 

If you can’t carry on with your goals through Lockdown 2.0, then new goals can replace them or challenges to keep you focused, fit and progressing. They can be specific or non-specific but choosing something is better than nothing. 

To give you a gauge of the range of what can be achieved at home, my personal goals/challenges for this month are:

  1. 100 burpees for time every morning (specific)
  2. 5km run minimum every day (specific)
  3. Run 100 miles in total (specific)
  4. Improve flexibility (generic)
  5. Increase core strength (generic)
  6. Wake up at 5am every day (specific)
  7. Start painting/drawing again (generic)

The opportunities we have available and, in many cases, the increased personal time available can be maximised if we are willing to adapt to them. And, the number of challenges we can create is endless. 

I’m half bodybuilder / half swimmer… I’m not trained for burpees or running, but I’ll adapt. Further, flexibility is something I’ve wanted to improve for a long time but never dedicated enough time to it. Now there is time. 

Not only does 2.0 force me to embrace difference disciplines, I have a lot of room for improvement in them, which means there are plenty of rewards to reap. Plus, I get to work on my weaknesses and overcome new obstacles. 

Just because we’ve had losses, doesn’t mean we can’t still be winners. 

Mindset is what is going to separate us from ourselves. 

There’s a version of you who sulks, eats crap, watches too much Netflix, counts down the days (only to be distraught when Groundhog Day is extended), procrastinates and lets their mental health suffer. 

Yet, there’s also the version of you who’s proud to have their glass half full, sees the opportunity available, willing to try new things, dusts off an old instrument, wets dry paintbrushes, star jumps and dances themselves fit, utilises the time, reads a damn book, takes care of themselves, socialises virtually and builds themselves up. 

To me, the choice is an easy one. Yeah, being a badass positive mofo all day is draining, so drink plenty of water, take your multivitamins and get early nights – it a surprisingly good combination to being an overachiever. 

What you do in the next four weeks is up to you. How you move. How you eat. How you live. How you feel. All these things are under your control. My advice, move often, eat well, live peacefully and feel amazing. 

You are already awesome, you always have been, so make sure you feel that way. 

Keep your head up, looking forward and stay strong. 

Peace and love,

Sam / Habit52

(Be sure to also check out Sam's blog Habit 52 are : http://bit.ly/Habit52)


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