Road to Air Gymwear Ep.1 - Air Gymwear Go for a Chinese


At Air Gymwear, we have a ridiculous variety of tasks to get done on a day to day basis, and this often results in what could externally be seen as "chaos" but it seems to be very effective chaos, so that is fine by us. This is our first YouTube Vlog and if we are being honest, we hadn't really got any idea what we were doing. Frankie bought a GoPro and from there we videoed random segments of what we were doing, however we didn't always remember to get it out and record so it may look like we just went to a Chinese and drove around at night all week.

In actual fact, during this week we were preparing for the new stock to hit the Air Gymwear shelves and we spent a lot of time in meetings with printers and suppliers getting it all ready to go. Due to our vlogging capabilities being in their infantile stages of development, most of the video is us trying to search for the best Chinese restaurant to go to after an extremely interesting focus group session in Manchester.

During this we were asked to attend and share our opinions on certain marketing developments within the Virgin brand, helping us soak up a fair amount of insight into how much attention to detail these high end companies are putting into their brand identities and in regards to Virgin, to great avail. At first you may think it to be far too much worrying over something trivial such as "Which wording of this sub-title gives the best impression" but what comes to your mind when you think of Virgin? It was unanimously agreed upon in the focus group that simply having the Virgin branding on something (however good) would push customers to trust and buy into a product simply due to the brand identity being so strong. This is not by chance or a flook, but by consistent attention to detail on all aspects of the brand. All of the content we were shown was perfectly viable and each had their own merit, yet it is more than just being "correct" objectively, it's about how the customer feels when reading/seeing them and how this subtly affects the brand image due to the exact wording, order of discourse, and precise lexicon used within the language.

This experience really highlighted the importance of the "content of the content" as it were, and moving forward we will be implementing the knowledge gained to establish our brand identity correctly, so what customers perceive Air Gymwear to be, is actually what the brand is delivering.

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