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The #AGCommunity is the coolest fitness crew I've ever met. It always motivates me a lot when I see others having the same passion than me. I think it’s a very effective way to bring passion & sports & friends together. It’s unique and I hope I can be part of it for a long time 💪

David Presch @Fit_Davie

Air Gymwear is so much more than just a clothing brand. They offer a really personal touch. Since purchasing their clothes, I was invited to be part of the #AGCommunity and it's refreshing and unique to this brand. We are all there to support each other on our fitness goals. I was invited to a photoshoot, which gave me a chance to meet the owners and other members.

Adam St. Quintin @AdamFezza88

Being part of the #AGCommunity is an honour. I’ve never heard of anything like this before and it is the future. Not only have I personally been on photo shoots, podcasts and product reviews but the support I get from everyone in the #AGCommunity is amazing.

Shaun Jones @shaunjkjones

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